Penetration testing services

Knowing your vulnerabilities could help your business to prevent cyber attackers from exploiting them.

I.D Cyber Solutions' penetration testing service led by our professional, high-skilled team would simulate how an attacker may attempt to exploit your systems. Our team will use various hacking techniques, unique testing methodology and real-world scenarios to simulate an attacker who tries to escalate as much as possible to higher privileges, bypass common application mechanisms, steal sensitive data, and exploit your users' data.

At the first phase of the penetration test, our team would examine and gather information about your application's environments and collect relevant information for the examination (such as accounts, group membership, and related information).

After collecting all gathered information, our team would attempt to identify related-vulnerabilities, determine the best way to exploit and take advantage of them. It is including using a combination of customizing tools, publicly available exploits, common operation tools and our knowledge of the application security lifecycle.

In the final stage of our penetration test, you will get a detailed report which contains all identified security gaps and remediation recommendations to patch those existing vulnerabilities.

We perform a different application and infrastructure penetration testing that meet your budget and technical requirements, help you maintain compliance, eliminate IT security threats and reveal how hackers may exploit your vulnerabilities.